The Art of Thinking Course (2020)

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Daca nu vorbiti engleza, va rugam sa accesati versiunea in romana.

We live in a complicated period in which science and technology have developed a lot in many directions, but most of the people still think like 3000 years ago. Linear thinking continues to be the cause of decisions that are leading to environment damage and which are generating corrupt and/or vicious social structures. There is still no viable alternative to improve this.

This course is dedicated for developing and understanding the logic of life, including the human potential which can allow understanding reality and discovering solutions to all current and future problems and crises.

Using the right instruments of thinking and analysis will allow a clearer and more intimate understanding of the structure of the universe, matter, human intelligence and of other species. These instruments will help project a sustainable future, to discover other types of noninvasive technologies, to recreate the social and environmental balance with precise instruments and clear programmes, all leading to better decisions in every situation.

Mention: This course will also be useful to those working in business and management. Everything related to decisions and thinking.

This course is dedicated to those wanting to understand the complex realities and mechanisms of the complexity domain, or to those wanting to learn to think and analyze at a different level, using better instruments.

The course will happen between 16:30 - 18:00 (Bucharest, Romania time - see for time zone conversion), in the following 17 Thursdays: 16th of January, 23rd of January, 30th of January, 6th of Feb, 13th of Feb, 20th of Feb, 27th of Feb, 5th of March, 12th of March, 19th of March, 26th of March, 2nd of April, 9th of April, 30th of April, 7th of May, 14th of May, 21st of May.

Location: online. We have a dedicated team to translate the Romanian sessions, adding English subtitles so non-Romanians can join too. We are opening this course to the entire planet.

There is no need to come at the physical location of the course, which will take place at Hyperion University, Calea Calarasi, Bucharest, Romania, because that will be only in Romanian. If desiring to meet the Romanian coleagues or prof. dr. Florian Colceag and his team, international visitors are welcome to come at Hyperion during any of the sessions. While prof. dr. Florian Colceag and his team speak English in private, the course will be spoken only in Romanian at Hyperion, so you won't understand and will have to wait until the recording is ready and English subtitles are completed.
(We thank Hyperion for their support with this course.)

We hope to have the video recording ready 1 day after the session and the English subtitles another 2 days after the session. In other words, international participants will be able to watch the video recording in English after minimum 3 days after each session. Sessions are taking place on Thursdays, so translated recordings are expected to be ready on Mondays, but might take more time, thus we can't promise exactly, depending on the translation team.

Participants that speak Romanian are asked to register on their dedicated page available HERE. They have a lower price because there's no need for translation with them, which is expensive.

We encourage to share this course with absolutely all human beings, regardless of nationality, gender, race and any other aspects. This information is very important and useful for everyone, and we won't be able to solve the current and future crises unless, UNLESS, we all start collaborating in a positive manner.

All course participants will be invited in a Facebook group dedicated to this course, where both international people and Romanians will be, so you all will have a chance to interact with each other, ask questions for prof. dr. Florian Colceag and his team, have them answered, work with each other and learn from each other, maybe even starting new friendships and collaborations. We are all humans after all.

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We look forward to seeing you at the course.