Welcome to HKRDI

Human Knowledge Research and Development Institute

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HKRDI is a non-profit organization that aims to offer new thinking tools based on Complex Systems Theory, improving life for humanity.
We operate on two main directions: research and development.

The research section aims to provide the theoretical bases and support and continue the development of algebraic fractals, fractal varieties, coherent space information and lateral automation, fields refined by HKRDI members. The derived concepts and principles have applicability in multiple knowledge fields, with the ability of being used as instruments that promote sustainable development.

The development section looks at direct applicability of the theory in creating programs with high social impact: professional networks, crisis management, education and health.

Important Messages

Special Download: The Evolution of Humanity and Metamorphosis of Thinking

We are a small group of people who work to save this world and who dream of a happy planet. We can't do it without your help. Every penny will be important to build the IT engine on 8 levels of complexity. At this stage we, all of us, will be able to use our collective structured intelligence to create a future without crises.

From another perspective, we encounter a huge danger in front of us. Using World Meter and data from the internet, we known that approximately 10 million hectares (ha) of habitable land are lost every year, which means that we have only 24 years of existence left on this planet if we don't do anything about it. There are things that can be done, yet they need financial investments.

Until now, all this huge work has been done without any investments at all. Now we can't continue alone, so we ask for your support. If you believe in this change, then don’t hesitate to offer us your help. Every investment that you’ll make will have an impact on our future society.

Our institute's bank account details are:
Name: Human Knowledge Research and Development Institute Association
ICBN: RO18RNCB0071156160890001
Bank: BCR, Bucharest, Romania

This is a shout to everyone who can afford to get involved in this project. This might be the only chance to do something good with your money, help the planet. We need financial support to balance and heal Earth, which is seriously wounded and dying. We will redirect the remaining funds to create a foundation that will encourage inventions and creativity oriented to stabilize and heal land, earth, water, bodies and souls.